Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Hey loves! Sorry I have been gone so long!  I will be making every effort to update weekly from now on 🙂

** Beware Spoilers In this review**

As Divergent was one of my most favorite books in any genre I was sure that this would be another case like the Hunger Games where the sequel absolutely ruined my view on the series. NOT THE CASE. Just when you think she can’t top what she has already done she blows your mind.

From the beginning Tris has been one of my favorite characters. The not gorgeous but smart girl who daily has to challenge herself to keep moving making it past a horrific initiation still alive and continuing to survive. She is a role model to girls of today with her strength and chasteness despite the situation and short life span her faction has. In this book she continues having to make tough decision while dealing with the loss of her family and the choices she had to make while Dauntless was under simulation.

The plot twists Ms. Roth puts her characters through are astounding! I did not see some of them coming. Just when you think that Tris can’t take any more the knife in her back SLLLOOOWLLY twists just that quarter turn more.

Immediately buy this book people!

**Spoiler Below**

Who would have ever thought the malicious Peter would EVER redeem himself? And Caleb’s betrayal? EPIC.


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1 Response to Insurgent by Veronica Roth

  1. blackinkheart says:

    I could not believe Peter either, he seemed so inherently evil and then that! I was shocked but at the same time that felt a little bit like a cop out, it was just so out of character. My favorite thing though would be Caleb’s betrayal. It was honestly the most shocking part of the book for me. It was so depressing though because he was the last of her family left and then that happens. But I completely agree with everything you said, such an amazing read.

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