Amanda Hocking – Torn (Trylle Book 2)

Torn (Trylle Trilogy, #2)Torn by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book of the Trylle series. This book was much more interesting than the previous. In this book I came to love Wendy. Her biting attitude and decisions were ones I could see myself making which made the book even more exciting.

However I would love to kick Finn and all men like him in the shins! Where is the romance and unending love? Letting the love of your life get engaged to someone else? STUPID. (ok enough ranting sorry)

The supporting characters of Willa, Matt, and Rhys are interesting and warm which makes the plot all the better. I laughed at some of their antics and look forward to finding out what Willa and Matt are going to do about their forbidden relationship.

Starting the third book in the series soon. If you need a bit of light humor pick this series up! You won’t regret it. And really it is too cheap not to πŸ™‚

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